An Indo-Spanish Joint Venture

Estudio Ceramico

EStudio Ceramico is the love child of Spanish architectural designs, the manufacturing standards of Europe and the touch of Incredible India.

The manufacturing plant at EStudio Ceramico is India’s first and most advanced. We employ the highest quality of equipment, combined with best in class technology. This ensures that we consistently deliver the highest quality of products to all our customers, both at home and overseas.

The journey of EStudio Ceramico started in 1992 at the little town of Castellon, Spain. Since then it has become one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers of decorative tiles in Europe and across the world. Through the years, due to the demand of our clients, we have started manufacturing plants in Spain, Mexico and finally in India. In India, EStudio Ceramico has partnered with the well known ceramic tile manufacturer Sandhya Group.

To continue the rich heritage and the design quality of EStudio Ceramico, our designers operate from Spain. The quality of our products is ensured by the joint efforts of the marketing and creative teams both in India and in Spain. As a result of all the successful partnerships over the years, EStudio Ceramico has achieved the honour of being one of the best ceramic manufacturers and distributors in the world.

Through the years, our aim at EStudio Ceramico has remained constant, to always deliver the highest quality of products, manufactured under to the best European Standards. Our brand has been serving the top 1 per cent of the society since its inception, and our strong legacy is maintained due to our seamless delivery of the highest quality products.

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Manufacturing relationships

Forging Relationships

With the artistry of a skilled artesian and the technology of a world-class engineer, we at EStudio Ceramico have developed an exquisite and unique array of designs which are in perfect tandem with the designers and engineers of today. All our products are designed to provide the best in class technical and aesthetic solutions and are characterised by their versatility and timelessness. With our innovative and unique products, you can make any space look exceptional and beautiful. With our range of products, the decorative possibilities are only limited by your imagination.